Traveling Gluten Free

You have taken the time to plan out all your out fits, made numerous lists of what you need, finally packed everything, and then it hits you…..what will I eat where I am going.

We have all been there. I pack plenty of snacks. I normally go for some starbursts, reeces pieces, chips, a breakfast bar, pretzels, water, and Gatorade. On my last trip, 13 hours broken up, I made sure I was prepared. You can not always guarantee that what ever grocery store or gas station you stop at is going to have something safe to eat. AND please don’t even get me started on if we have to eat at a fast food restaurant. “you really don’t want a bun with that”, no lady I really don’t.  Bake potatoes only save you from hunger pains for about 2 hours before you want to rip into your next bag of snacks.

I fortunately did luck out on gluten knowledgeable peeps in the South. (which is already surpassing the amount where I live). We started out at Tom+Chee. Other than having to take a lactose pill before all the cheese on my grilled cheese, I would give this place a whirl again. Our next stop was in Nashville. Dinner at “Merchants” with grilled and iced shrimp as an appetizer left room for the amazing tasting Carolina Mountain Trout with potato puree, cauliflower, lemon parsley salad, grapes with out the brown butter sauce! Although bar hopping led to mostly liquor and ciders, we did have fun. Our breakfast was at a local coffee shop “Frothy Monkey” that served GF bread and jam. MMM, go just for the jam.

Lunch was served by the famous “YO MAMMAS”. If you are ever near, in, or around Birmingham, AL…..GO GET CHICKEN AND WAFFLES. You are missing out if you don’t. Sersiouly…my mouth is watering just thinking of the buttery goodness. It was the first time I had chicken wings in about 4 years. Again, when I state people don’t know what gluten is where I live, I am not joking. Food is limited in my neck of the woods.

We wrapped up with dinner at “Mike’s Cafe and Oyster Bar”. Not exactly cealiac friendly. But I was able to get steamed oysters, and a lettuce salad. I played it safe at this place just because it was more of a pub style restaurant, and I was just beginning my honeymoon. We ventured out to more places through out the week, but that will be saved for another day.

How does everyone else travel gluten free?