The gluten “sickness”

I am currently at home due to a bilateral viral eye infection, and have gotten through most of my “stay at home to do list”. One thing I haven’t done in some quite time is post. My angle ¬†for my blog is Gluten, but there is more to it than that. I’m a baker, a wife, a traveler, a foodie, and I crave learning.

However, all these things are hard to do if I come into contact with wheat, barley, or rye. It is even more difficult to work once I have been contaminated, like I was last week. Moreover, how does one explain this “illness” to people who have no idea what Celiac Disease is.

So let me explain my auto-immune disease that everyone as come to know as a fad diet. I can not have wheat, barley, or rye in anything including but not limited to food, hair and body products, or packaging. It sounds crazy that gluten can be found in hair and body products. But some products use it as a preservative and if one is extremely sensitive, it can cause the person to have a reaction. A reaction depends on the person. In my case, I get lethargic, have mental fogginess (yes it is a real thing), and grouchy. I don’t intend to be mean/rude/snappy I honestly have no control over it. Once a single crumb, or product with gluten reaches my system it is all white blood cells in attack mode. My body literally thinks a virus has entered my system and my body enters attack mode trying to remove this invader. Having to explain this over and over again gets very tiresome because I show no outward signs of being sick. On the inside it feels like I am facing all symptoms of the flu.

With the “gluten flu” it makes interacting with people a ¬†chore. Driving a dangerous activity, as I often do not remember how I got from point A to point B. More times than not, it also increases my blood pressure to dangerous levels that could cause a stroke. Celiac disease is no joke, and I wish that it became more common knowledge. Until then I will continue to have to explain it, continue to politely not accept food brought in from other’s home, and keep praying for way to ease the symptoms.



Mae Lively